games/500m.gita game about trying to not fall down 7 months
games/deathtyper.gitshooting guns by typing a text 7 months
games/duckalypse.gitcontrol a horde of zombie ducks 7 months
games/duckfight.gitsimple, duck based, two player game 6 months
prototypes/raycaster.gitfirst person shooter like it's 1993 3 months
prototypes/riesa.gitunity3d based prototype for a point-and-click adventure type game 7 months
prototypes/torgau.gitunity3d prototype for a platformer/shooter type game 7 months
tools/mkpage.gitsimple static page generator written in python 7 months
tools/my-desktop.gitdotfiles, configs and all kinds of shit 5 days